We believe that as consumers we have the power to shape how businesses work through our choices, our goal is to offer an alternative to the trend obsessed fast fashion models.

We want to offer our customer the opportunity to purchase real clothing that was designed and made with care for them, and the result of an actual creative process.

A continuously evolving product range is released on a monthly basis,

Every item is made to order when you buy it, and is part of a numbered, limited edition, ensuring as little over-saturation as possible.

We have no seasons, no other stockists, and aim to ensure we have the smallest possible impact on our planet, whether by sourcing as much as possible from local producers where we can, producing every item in-house, or ensuring that the production process generates as little wastage as possible.

Jason Hewitt uses no materials derived from animal products, with the exception of wool and silk. All dyeing, screen-printing, and hand painting is done in house or by local artists.

We make clothes that are for the future, not just for the present.

Our debut collection, DROP 1 : NSFW – NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK is an abstract insight into the private world of our collective browsing histories, and the contradiction that is the opposed yet symbiotic nature in the duality of masculine and feminine sexuality.

It’s the glow of the laptop screen on your face at night, the closed doors, and the quiet understanding that everyone else does it.


 Jason Hewitt – Bio

Jason was born and raised in South Africa, and subsequently grew up across Asia and eventually Australia. This nomadic childhood left him with a lasting fascination with other cultures, their unique symbolism, mythology, and their approach to dress.

This in turn has driven much of his research into the layers of meaning embedded within the iconography of contemporary fashion, and the different levels of meaning within even the most benign objects.

This area of study was the focus of his graduate collection upon completing his BA in Design at RMIT in 2010. Since then he has shown various bodies of work at different events and exhibitions around the country.

This is his first attempt at going solo.